Hot Night

Poorly have I slept, and brief
The A/C brought no real relief
To upstairs bedroom sheathed in heat
I’ve sweated through my winding sheet


Phase 3: Profit!

Sleep has value, but much less
Than its inventors might confess.
It’s mostly used, I think, to keep
Me occupied. (I like to sleep.)
Oh, benefits accrue to health;
Ben Franklin tied good sleep to wealth
And wisdom (with a pseudonym,
However, so pooh-pooh to him);
And when else would you count your sheep
But when they’re on the fence, mid-leap?
Strong, rich, wise shepherds disagree,
But sleep’s got naught to offer me.
So, what’s the draw? How come I’m hooked?
There’s one thing Franklin overlooked
In his encomium: It’s cheap!
I don’t spend money when I sleep,
And breaking even is a win
For deadbeats. Yay! Bedtime again!

Off (With) The Top Of My Head

What’s stuck inside my head wants out.
It’s dark and damp in there, no doubt,
But best, I think, to seal it tightly
Just in case it’s, well, unsightly.
Two acetaminophin
To make the pain retreat again
And then perhaps the thought of thinking
Won’t feel like day-after drinking,
And this thing inside my head
Might sleep. Or I could weep instead.
I’ll any remedy endorse
That helps this headache run its course.


this is what it sounds like in my head
is a mistake this is what it sounds
ing to go back is a mistake this
when I’m lying wide awake in bed
like in my head when I’m lying wide
is what it sounds like in my head when
after something’s wrested me awake
awake in bed after something’s wrest
I’m lying wide awake in bed af
trying to go back is a mistake
ed me awake trying to go back
ter something’s wrested me awake try

Abdication Zone

I’m in the Abdication Zone!
My time, from now, is all my own
(At least until tomorrow’s dawn).
For now my mandates all are gone:
I’ve written what I said I’d write;
I’ve studied what I should tonight;
The people I’d agreed to meet
Have all been met. I ought to eat
But if I dawdle and forget
And sleep instead, that’s better yet!
I’ll wake refreshed with plans in place:
Go brush your teeth, then stuff your face.
That should start the weekend brightly!
Either way, I’m finished. Nightly!