Don’t turn off the TV!
Leave the lights on nice and bright.
I may be seeming sleepy
But it’s barely even night.
I’m not a little baby
And my bedtime’s when I say!
Now, this grown-up’s thinking, maybe,
About calling it a day.

Paging Mr. Paycheck

It’s fun to wonder what would happen
If you loaded all the crap in-
To your day you choose to skip.
For instance, if you let your lip
Let slip the words you mostly smother.
All mankind might be your brother,
But who pushes buttons best?
Supposing that you failed that test,
Or simply opted not to take it?
What if, rather than just fake it,
You admit how up you’re fed
With being one who’s poorly led
Yet blamed for every triumph missed?
Supposing you confess you’re pissed?
Might that spasm of enjoyment
Make up for your unemployment?
Likely not. Don’t make that blunder.
Still, it’s sometimes fun to wonder…