Zen Thuggism

Take a breath. It’s all okay.
Let everything just fall away.
If it helps you, close your eyes
And picture puffy clouds in skies
So blue it almost makes you weep;
Beneath them, meadows filled with sheep
And butterflies with teddy bears
Who take your woes and make them theirs.
You’re anchored: solid, firm, and stout,
True Zen within, at peace without.
Feel better? Good. Now, if you please,
Release your wallet, watch, and keys.

Napkin Draft

Notes for this year’s turkey verse:

    • Ignore the news.
    • Try not to curse.
    • Tell everyone you’re glad they’re here.
    • Make eye contact to seem sincere.
    • Now laugh, so they know that’s a joke.
    • Acknowledge that we’re lucky folk for simply being here to share these blessings in a world where exclusionary practices are blossoming like cactuses in desert rain.
    • Okay, cacti.
    • Look everybody in the eye again (they’ll know the code by now), and
    • Tell them, Thank you.
    • Take a bow.

Writer’s Block

I’m thankful for the opportunity
Bestowed upon me each Thanksgiving Day
To quote myself before my family
And friends. But I still don’t know what to say.
I love that we don’t argue, scream, or fight;
That politics and sports don’t spoil the meal;
That most of us would choose a quiet night
To one in which we slur the words we feel.
I’m thankful that I’m looking forward to
Our late-November gathering of clans,
And that the trope of kin-without-a-clue
Has never reared its head: We’re family fans.
The difficulty is, it’s always thus.
Are there new ways to say I’m glad we’re us?