Holiday Imperative

Thanksgiving: What’s it all about?
Just kidding! Not much room for doubt
Or wonder with a name like that.
It’s giving thanks. I’ll eat my hat
With gravy on and stuffing in
If they’d a different motive when
They made it up. That, by the way,
Cannot be said of Boxing Day;
St. Patrick’s kind of coy with his
As well, but tells it like it is
A quality that’s clearly prized
More viscerally than some surmised
Before events of recent weeks–
Of that aroma this day reeks!
Today’s a day of gratitude,
A science-proven attitude-
Improving habit. Honestly,
If you’re a skeptic, check and see
It for yourself: Try giving thanks
For something. Anything. The ranks
Of Happy Folk will grow by one
(And maybe more) before you’re done.
Seriously, do it now:
Pick something, and consider how
Your life is better with it, or
Conversely, how you’d loathe life more
Without that thing. Go on. I’ll wait.
Just one good thing…you’ve got one? Great!
Now, keep that picture in your head–
If that’s too hard, the word instead–
And think, I’m thankful for this thing.
If you’d prefer to let it ring
Out loud, then shout it: Thank you! See?
That’s what Thanksgiving Day should be,
If not a symphony or song,
At least one note more right than wrong
In all of life’s cacophony.
Thanks for sharing that with me.