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Dog’s Eye View

This may not be everything– Or anything–that I might hope, But this is what I have today So this is that with which I’ll cope. Advertisements

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Where It Gets Weird

Here’s where it gets weird. No, wait, that was over there. This is fine. That’s weird.

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On The Tip Of Its Tongue

A what’s-it-called, you know, that flattish thing That lives inside itself, like in a tank Or caravan? The one that doesn’t sing Although it has a beak? That thing that sank Because it doesn’t swim? That wasn’t it But almost … Continue reading

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Lonely Chelonii

It’s tough to tell when turtles cry. (They’re often underwater’s why.)

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Speedy Joe

I call my turtle Speedy Joe. It’s funny ’cause he’s really slow And pops amphetamines like gum. That’s comedy where I come from. Before you ask me if his name Is Joe, it’s not, but all the same, Admit it: … Continue reading

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Shellfish Bastards

The carapace upon its back Protects the turtle from attack. Its armored underbelly, too, Inoculates it from the flu. That greenish, scaly skin it wears? Anathema to grizzly bears. The turtle’s tiny, pointy tail Is where it stores its draft … Continue reading

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Turtles And Tortoises

Turtles and tortoises Everyone thinks They’re the same But they’re not One swims And one sinks

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