The Mountaintop

Martin Luther King
Wasn’t perfect, which is proof
No one has to be.

Drownin’ In My Tears

I woke up with a haiku in my head–
Well, that’s not true. I woke up with the name
Of some old one-hit-wonder band instead,
And as an earworm, that’s not quite the same.
I worried in the dark about the group:
Was it a trio? Duo? Were there four?
When next I woke, their song was there, so, poop!
Don’t Pull Your Love is mine forevermore.
The answer, if you’re interested, is three:
Dan Hamilton and Tom Reynolds were two,
The third’s Joe Frank Carollo; you can see
How that’s confusing. Then came that haiku,
Which dealt with whether having no elbows
Would alter hat design. Now no one knows.