Frogs that aren’t afraid of birds
Are loud enough to drown the words
Of observations in the dark
By random people in the park,
But when the sun is in the sky
You have to listen to the guy
Beside you; birds are not good friends
To audible amphibians
Whose invisibility cloaks
Are missing. God, I miss those croaks.


Let Freedom Ring v. 4.5

Mass shootings happen all the time
Without a reason, but with rhyme:
For thoughts and prayers and guns, demand
Will spike, but changes won’t be planned.
Still, best be safe: Shore up your stock
Of weaponry in case the shock
Of this one causes such regret
That we’ll do what we haven’t yet,
By which I mean, a single thing…
I kid! We won’t. Let freedom ring.

My Turn To Talk, Devin

Customer service is hard to do well.
The customers often compare it to Hell
And they rarely ring up just to chat or say hi,
But to vent, because you’re the Get-Vented-At Guy.
I know it’s not easy. I’ve sat where you sit.
But I’m sitting here, now, and your service is shit.


Turtles don’t associate
With Kismet, or believe in Fate
Or Destiny; it won’t occur
To turtles that the way things were
Was ever not in their control.
That’s not the way that turtles roll.
Perhaps the fact of being home
No matter where your feet may roam
Supports a turtle-centric view:
You’re still; the world turns on you.
That’s why they embrace supinity
Walking, unflipped, on infinity.