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Spare the God and Spoil the Child

Helen, Leda’s little daughter, Tried to do like Mommy taught her. Trouble was, where Leda led Got Helen wed and heroes dead. Though every suitor was a boy, On Helen’s blamed the fall of Troy. Too bad her daddy chose … Continue reading

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Peas and Quiet

Blessed are the peas, for they Lie gently in their pod And strive each day in every way To serve Herr Mendel’s god Though carrots toil beneath the soil To rule the underworld Peas on troubled seas are oil (Visualize … Continue reading

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Moo – Chapter 20

Happy birthday, MLK! This is late, but that’s okay, I hope, ’cause Flopsy had a dream— Or half of one–that made it seem Like carrots were the root du jour. And isn’t that what freedom’s for?

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January 28, 1986

Southbound on 163 In San Diego, near I-5 The DJ on KFMB Says, For as long as we’re alive We’ll all remember where we were Today when we first heard the news Of this disas– A static blur, The signal’s … Continue reading

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Vicambulater, Alligator!

Vicambulating late at night I chanced upon a sorry sight: A crocodile, sad and cranky, Wept into a sodden hanky. “Mr. Crocodile,” said I, “What misfortune’s made you cry?” “It’s my lower teeth,” replied The crocodile. “They’re too wide To … Continue reading

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Letter of Reference

A drollic friend who’s always sunny Found a way to make some money Helping kids to learn about Some creatures that we’ve done without (Or might soon be required to Forgo): It seems his local zoo Is looking for a … Continue reading

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Everything I Know About Astrophysics

Supernovas, so they say, Are really, really far away. A good thing, too, ’cause they’re so hot That if you get too close, you’re not. Just the opposite, I’m told, Are most Black Holes: They’re really cold And if you … Continue reading

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