Backstage At The Pageant

February’s in the wings
And doubtless stressing over things
She can’t control, like who’s the slime
Absconded with her rightful time,
And whether Saturday will ever
End (’cause groundhogs aren’t that clever).
January, take a bow!
You’re awesome, but you’re over now.
It’s February’s time to shine.
No, don’t be nervous, you’ll be fine.
Go show that three-day-clipping creep
That you could give a flying leap
About his thievery. You’re on!

(Psst! Jan! Get off! You should be gone!)
What’s that? Okay, fine, one more day,
But Friday Eve, you’re making way
For February. Promise me!
(Oh, also strike the Christmas tree.)

Don’t Think

Alarm goes off
Get up
Don’t think
Just do your business
Near the sink
Turn on the light
To stem the flow
Of melatonin
Don’t think
Don’t answer when
Your brain objects
Keep driving
And ignore those texts
From your subconscious
Asking Why?
Don’t think
Just leave the nest
And fly
When it’s too late
To second-guess
Think all you want
For now
Think less
Just do the thing
You planned last night
Without a thought
Don’t think
Don’t fight
Just close your mind
Don’t think
Just do
And when you wake
Be proud of you

Bubble Pit

I have a tub.
It isn’t hot,
And that’s the least
Of what it’s not:
It isn’t big
Or filled with friends
Or bubble jets
(Well, that depends
On if you count
The ones your bottom
If so, it’s got ’em).
It’s a mid-sized,
Tepid bin
Of listless water.
Come on in!