Not My Squawk

Ducks may quack and dogs may moo
But I would never squawk at you.
They’ll tell you that I did. They lie!
It must have been some other guy
Whose squawk resembles what I do
When squawking…but it’s not at you!


My cat is angry
Or, she’s thrilled;
It’s not clear which.
Emotions spilled
Across my lap
As thick as fur
Make clear, my purpose here
Is her.

Blue Blood

On its face, it’s just absurd:
A wildcat against a bird?
A mismatch any other day
But Louisville against UK.
A rivalry’s a funny thing:
When siblings play they seem to bring
A level of hostility
That few opponents get to see.
Kentuckians bleed red or blue
Depending whom they’re loyal to.
My grandma, who’s one hundred one,
Lived half her life in Lexington
And loves to watch Kentucky play,
So I’m a Wildcat today.

Digital Witness

These are the words I am typing right now!
If you know me, you know that the next word is cow.
I’m typing so fast that the neighbors complain
That the heat of their envy is causing them pain.
As letters make words, I just sit back and hope
They’ll make plunk thoosty appleglass kitten…uh, nope.
Is it too much to ask that I might comprehend
What my fingers are writing? I guess so. The end.