Happy Things You Shouldn’t Lick (Part 1)

Electrons flow from pos to neg
Producing heat to fry an egg
Or, alternately (if what drove ’em
Was the fridge switch), chill that ovum.
Either way–this time of year,
Especially–I’m glad they’re here.
In wintertime I’ll wear a sweater;
Summer, though, A.C. is better.
Thanks, electrons, for your current
Contributions. If you weren’t
Here to help me, I’d be nude
And drenched in sweat, and that’s just rude.
I’m content because of you.
(I’m sure my neighbors thank you, too.)


So, anyway, I’m raveling my knitted sleeve of care
When all at once this gibbous cat eclipses Luggage Bear!
Be gone, thou foul, deformed beast! the cat and bear both cried,
And then they kiss’d. Embarrass’d, I woke up and went inside.


I haven’t tumbled yet to what it is I’ve yet to tumble to.
If something’s to be done, best count it un- if I’m the doer-who.
My sense is growing something’s going on that I, unknowingly,
Should know about; without a doubt, if someone’s been left out, I’m he.

Full Disclosure

Everything I know that we
See eye-to-eye upon, I’ll shout
About with joy, delight and glee;
The stuff you doubt? I’ll leave it out.

Nothing that would make you ill,
Discomfited or sad I’ll say.
If I suspect objection, ’till
The danger’s past, I’ll vamp away.

I’d never tell an outright lie
Or shade the truth until it’s dead
From lack of solar heat, but I
Might leave a painful fact unsaid.

So, full disclosure: Every word
I speak aloud, you’ll know is true.
Those other words you’ve never heard
Me say? You wouldn’t want me to.