Need a break? A drink? A nap?
It’s been a year, so let’s recap:
Despite twelve months of stress and fear
And craziness, we’re all still here.
The ups and downs of daily life,
The nearly constant D.C. strife,
Divisive voices near and far,
They did their worst, yet here we are!
A little rattled? Sure, that’s fair,
But it’s not awful everywhere
Or every second of the day.
Relax. It’s going to be okay.

As Stiff As Their Upper Lips

I haven’t fed the fish in weeks
But they’re distracted by the leaks
With which their tank has been beset
So they’re not importuning yet
Except of course for agua (mas)
To compensate them for the loss
That daily keeps accumulating.
Lucky me, they’re good at waiting.
Excuse me whilst I fill my cup.
The fish? They’re fine. See? Bellies up!

Not The Target Demo

My aspiration’s simple:
I would like someday to be
A person who could buy the things
They’re marketing to me,
Like his-and-hers Mercedeses
Or matching SUVses
Or premium prescription drugs
For optional diseases.
For now, however, I’m still me
With all that that entails,
So keep the giant satin bow.
Which way’s the used food sales?