Trask Mountain Assault 2007

The Trask Mountain Assault was on September 29 at the Flying M Ranch, outside McMinnville, OR. The coaches wouldn’t let the runners wear their team uniforms (because the mud would destroy them), so they all made their own t-shirts. Top: Iain’s viking is saying, “Insert witty comment here.”

Bottom: About 2.5 miles into the race, the runners came barreling down this muddy hill…oftentimes sliding off the trail and into a tree directly across from our camera position. Believe it or not, this is practically an OSHA-approved staircase compared to the slick hills coming up in the next few hundred meters.

Iain and his friends Aaron (left) and Taylor show off their battle stains after the race. (You can’t see the scars ’cause they’re under the mud.)