Normal By Mistake

Sometimes I say words like “slides”
When I was thinking “slips and hides,”
But since the word I used was real
Nobody noticed. Should I feel
Relief that no one caught my tongue
Betraying me? Do songs unsung
Resent the absence of applause,
Or cherish their potential? Flaws
That might not long survive exposure
Thrive in silence. No one knows you’re
Less than perfect if you’re mute
But if your secret skill’s acute
Then aren’t you selfish not to share it?
Dare to err! Then proudly wear it!*

*Not the message that I started
Off with. Once again, outsmarted.

Aisle 3

A hat surrounds the little lady
Lost in Aisle 3
Shadows from the broad brim veil her
Off-brand O’s of sugar trail her
Crunched beneath her checked Chuck Taylor
Sneakers as she slides behind
The cardboard salsa/chip display
I hesitate then turn away
I’m not convinced that folks won’t mind
Or think there’s something slightly shady
In an older man like me
Staring at the little lady
Lost in Aisle 3

Word Problem

“As happy as the day is long.”
Joy equals Time? That must be wrong.
Familiarity is Time,
Well, times Acquaintance, and if I’m
Recalling that old saw correctly,
That equation leads directly
To Contempt. If one may say
F=C, then (T x A)
Must equal F and C; likewise,
If Joy is Time (J=T),
Then (J x A) must equal C
(Contempt), and everyone I love
Will hate me soon. Proof? See above.
Since that conclusion I reject,
Then Joy and Time don’t intersect
As stated in that simile.
What fools these English majors be.