Gato Abrazo

It’s “Hug Your Cat Day”
(So I’m told)
But sometimes cats
Are hard to hold.
There’s some you can
And some you can’t;
Not every cat’s
A celebrant.
Cats, like porcupines,
Are pointy
(But with claws, not spines),
And if your friend
Begins to hiss
It’s best to
Second-guess that kiss.
Still, if your cat
Is gay and frisky–
And it doesn’t
Feel too risky–
Give him/her
A firm embrace!
(Just point the top side
Toward your face.)


Shadowy cabals are best;
Those bright cabals don’t pass the test.
Cabals that glitter in the sun
Won’t work–go find another one.
Cabals with LEDs that flash on
Contact? Always out of fashion.
Looking for the right cabal?
Think shadowy. You did? Good call.