Neil Diamond Days

Don’t say it’s over. It’s not so.
Summer still has weeks to go!
September 22nd, right?
Let’s get through this hot August night
And Labor Day, at least, before
We turkify the grocery store
And welcome Santa to the mall.
Respect the calendar! That’s all.

Winging It

Knowing something should be done
Is not the same as knowing what,
And knowing that, in turn, is not
The same as doing something. But,
If all the stars align, one day
You’ll spot your opportunity
And know exactly what to do,
And do it!
That, I’d like to see.
(Be sure to take some notes for me.)

Let Freedom Ring v. 12.59

Mass shootings happen all the time
Without a reason, but with rhyme:
For thoughts and prayers and guns, demand
Will spike, but changes won’t be planned.
Still, best be safe: Shore up your stock
Of weaponry in case the shock
Of this one causes such regret
That we’ll do what we haven’t yet,
By which I mean, a single thing
I kid! We won’t. Let freedom ring.