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Light Bulb Moment

Trick-or-Treating night is hell. No one even rings the bell. The cat and I just sit and sulk With bite-sized candy bars in bulk. The cat wants out but she can’t go. The NewsNite talking heads said so. It seems … Continue reading

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To do or not to do, the question’s moot. I’d rather not, but when would better suit? If ’twere done now, ’twere done, though p’aps not well; Delay is but the anteroom to Hell.

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Status Update

This is where I am today. Tomorrow, too, and yesterday. Check back next week–I’ll still be here, Like last week; also, next/last year. Know me once and me well– My email’s still on AOL And yes, each night I rest … Continue reading

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Streetlight Barricade

Brightly blinking blues and reds Illuminate the night. Searchlights stab the darkened yards Where dogs prepare to fight. Pumpkins glare from porches where The neighbors stand a-banterin’. Seems a lot of fuss about A few smashed jack o’lanterns!

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A 4-4 game, the Series tied at 1, The bottom of the ninth, two on, one out. Pedroia snags Jay’s grounder, saves a run By throwing out Molina. Big? No doubt. Saltalamacchia, the catcher, spies A chance to turn a … Continue reading

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Pow! Kazam! Whizz! Hiccup! Burp! [Excuse me.] Wham! Ptooey! Slurp! Slap! Bang! Clap! Kerblam-o! Phwee! Squish. [That fly was bugging me.]

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What’s a lonely goat to do? The pretty kids won’t bleat to you. They tease you ’cause you cheesed them off You climbed a tree and while aloft You wet your face and legs with wee Which fell like rain … Continue reading

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