Words Words Words Words Words

Walking into poems blindly
Leaving unrhymed words behind me
Shoving meter into fish
To make a verse emerge (I wish)
Tacos crop up–can’t say why–
I have a plan! No, that’s a lie.
Well, sort of: Type until I’m done
And hope I’m left with something fun.
Sometimes rhymes just flow like water,
Sometimes not. Tonight’s a notter.

Oh, Sandy

Tsunamis pound the shores out west
And “Frankenstorm’s” back east.
I overslept and missed the test–
Could we get rain, at least?
We’re used to fluid in the air
But now there’s none around.
If there’s some where you are, take care
And head for higher ground!

Counter Downer

Eleven days ’til we can nix–
Or plunge back into–misery,
Depending on your politics.
Whichever way it goes, we’ll see
More brinksmanship and bickering
From both sides of the red/blue wall
And, ultimately, not a thing
Will be accomplished. Not. At. All.