Enough Already

Off to the hospital, sick with the flu:
Bed rest and fluids will fix it for you.
Back to the doctor, this time with a cold.
Bed rest and fluids. That never gets old.
Rushed to emergency! That was a scare.
Bed rest and even more fluids. So there.
Thanksgiving holiday, pack and fly off,
Taking the cold along. Coughity-cough.
Home again, home again, glad to be back!
Guess what’s still hanging on? Hackity-hack.
Doctor, please help me? I want to feel better.
Bed rest and fluids; you’ll be a go-getter!
Slow on the uptake, perhaps? Okay, fine.
We all have our mantras. Guess BRF’s mine.

As The Stomach Turns

Almost nothing good can come
From learning where your food comes from
Unless you’re on a hunger strike
In which case, research all you like!

Designated Turkey

Movies and TV have taught us
Family holidays breed stress.
I’m inclined to say that’s not us:
“Relatively dramaless”
Would be a fair description of
The vibe that dominates when we
Converge upon this table. Love
Instead prevails, and harmony.
We’re also told that every clan
Has one whom eccentricity
Has taken to its bosom, and
If you can’t spot them, then you’ll see
Them in the mirror. If that’s true
The dearth of weirdos, freaks and cranks
Around this table means that you
All know it’s me. For that, my thanks
I’m glad to give. To be a part
Of such a loving group of folk
As this enhappifies my heart.
I’m truly blessed, and that’s no joke.

Rest Cure

I’m vimlike and vigorish
Of zip I’ve a wealth
A passing fair likeness
Am I of good health
The firm fist of flu’s
At last loosened its grippe
The best medication’s
The rest of this trip