Jack’s A Dull Boy

Script Frenzy Twenty-Twelve has gone
Like grass from an unwatered lawn.
My College Play was barely born
And won’t grow up before the morn.
The play’s not dead: I’ll finish yet
(Take that as promise or as threat),
But April’s output literary
Went to something much more scary:
One part of a pending book
For which triathlon’s the hook
And my tale’s, say, the worm’s hind end
Through which the reader bait’s been pinned.
So, Flopsy and Elena wait
Onstage until a later date
When I turn my attention back
To giving their shared tale a crack
At closure, which ’til now’s been hid
From them (and me). At least I did
Meet one deadline so far this spring,
And maybe this Tri book’s a thing
About which tens of readers might
Say, someday, “He did something write!”

“The madness goes on your lap”

Script Frenzy starts today! No, wait,
It ends today. We’re kinda late,
Again, but that’s our usual
Condition, ’cause our plates are full.
My daughter and I run around
Until the clock is counting down
The final minutes to the end…
And that’s the time we’ve just beginned!
This year, we tried to keep it neat
And tidy, give ourselves a treat
By writing just two characters.
There’s Cedric (mine) and Maida (hers),
And both of them are sure that they
Are in the place they’re s’posed to stay
Because they pay the rent and such…
The premise doesn’t matter much,
In fact, because the length is key:
A hundred pages means we’ll be
Included on the Frenzy’s list
Of playwrights whom the Muses kissed
And blessed with sweet completion’s song…
Although, in our case, they were wrong
Because three hours is too short
To write so much. Our last resort
Was copying our one scene (one!)
To Google Translate, where, for fun,
And on the flimsiest of plot
Devices, we transformed the lot
From English to Italian,
And then from English once again
To Catalan, and finally
Back into English, which, you’ll see,
Beginning on page 88
Takes oddly dumb to freakin’ great!
It isn’t good, but it was fun,
And we’ll still both pretend we won!

Moo – Chapter 15

The Bad News: The NaNoWriMo train has left the station, but Flopsy and Mopsy are still on the platform, stuck for all time at an official word count of 16,208.

The Good(?) News: The Narrator desperately wants to help tell their story, because it’s been so desperately dull for the past 150-odd years…and things are about to get a lot odder. We just have to get through a bit more excruciating exposition: The Narrator.