How Come

Running every day is how
I keep my options open wide.
When someone says, “Let’s do this now,”
Then all it takes is to decide
If this is something I’d enjoy
The doing of, or having done.
If so, then I can say, “Oh, boy,
Let’s do it!” That’s how come I run.


Tuesday! You know what that means! That’s right,
Election Day is just two weeks away!
Three hundred forty hours from tonight
The skies will clear– okay, they’ll be less gray.
Afraid to go cold turkey? DVR
A prime time network TV show or twenty:
When you’re craving crazy or bizarre,
Play back some campaign spots, and you’ll have plenty!
Twenty-sixteen’s October Surprise
Would be a week without a record low
For campaign rhetoric. Just close your eyes
(And ears and nose) and let the fortnight go.
Remember, though, it isn’t down to Fate,
It’s up to you, so Vote November 8!