Grand Elision

If truth be told
(As well it ought)
Don’t laud as gold
That which is not

Fall not in love
With every fact
However: Glove
Thy truth with tact

One need not mention
Others’ faults
When mere abstention
Discord halts

When words wound, please
Ensheath your sword
Its own reward

Remember well
This sage advice:
As truth you tell
Please, too, be nice


Monday on a Tuesday: Yuck.
I don’t know why, but Muesdays suck.
Tednesday’s long and Wursdays linger;
Muesday, though, gives both the finger.
Thiday may be worth a taste,
But Muesday’s just a workday waste.

Nearly Freedom Fighters

A day of proud solemnity
Is what this holiday should be.
In quiet contemplation sit
And ponder what it means, to wit:
In honor of the brave who fell
We’ll mattresses and box springs sell
At prices so profoundly slashed
The buried dead will wish they’d cashed
Their chips in past the end of May
So they could rest in peace the way
Their living kin tonight will do,
With interest-free financing, too!
They lie beneath that we up top
May take a day off work to shop.