Note to self: A downhill run
For half a marathon is fun;
The rest, though, of that marathon
Gets tougher once your legs are gone.
I’ve found that one’s performance slips
When pasta’s dangling from your hips
(And splashing passers-by) in lieu
Of legs that stretch from shorts to shoe.
A little downhill might be nice
Especially if once or twice
It’s mitigated by a flat
Or shallow climb. I’m fine with that,
And I could even handle it
If we could put the angled bit
From midpoint to the finish line,
But front-to-back is not benign,
According to my battered calf
Which boycotted the second half
Of Revel’s Mt. Hood race this morning.
Wedge-shaped course profile? Take warning.

Cliché The Day Away

Unpleasant truth: Both men and mice
Lay plans, but planning won’t suffice
If execution can’t be trusted:
Nail ’em both, you’re done and dusted;
Let one come up short, you’re busted.
What you cut, first measure twice.


I don’t want to argue.
Can’t we all just get along?
This bluster, fuss and fighting’s
Not exciting; it feels wrong.
When we work together
We turn good ideas to great,
But talking past each other’s
Just a waste of time. Oh, wait,
I probably should mention:
I’m not watching the debate.

Taper Week

In six months on this training plan
I’ve done precisely all I can
If not exactly all I could.
What’s done is done. Let’s call it good.
I’ve missed some days, but it’s too late
To make them up. I sealed my fate
And sent it via snail mail. Screw it.
Nothing left to do but do it.
Time to tie my shoes and run.
I’ll be half-fast, but I’ll have fun!

Art Of The Deal

I strive to impress, overwhelm and surprise.
That’s why I tattooed my backside with eyes.
A peacock in heat has got nothing on me:
My bright buns in the boardroom are something to see!
And I’m no one-trick pony if that’s what you think–
Hiney-eyes look less phony when some of them wink.