Beetle Bits

Inspection of the things we eat’ll
Often turn up bits of beetle.
Per the U.S. FDA,
Point-six bits per gram’s okay
In chocolate or in “chocolate liquor.”
(Guess which gets you sicker quicker.)

Everything Must Go

No one I know did not come home from war.
The first not forced to fight in Vietnam,
We got to choose what we were fighting for;
The draft had crashed and burned before our prom.
I’ve lost some classmates from Annapolis
But none whom I would know by more than name.
Two warless decades surely helped with this;
My children’s peers, perhaps, can’t say the same.
I’ve friends who went to war. They all returned,
But most of those to whom I’m close I met
After their younger selves had gone and learned
What steel does from the stone on which it’s whet.
This holiday we honor those who fell.
How many walk among us? Who can tell?