Another One Down

Harold Ramis, justly famous
Busting ghosts and taking namous,
Earned his stripes by shacking caddies,
Grounding hogs and schooling daddies,
Housing animals at Delta,
And by balling meat. I felt a
Multiplicity of lost
When I heard Egon’s streams got crossed.
This much I learned from Groundhog Day:
Like Phil, he’s gone, yet here to stay.

Bite Your Tongue

Don’t say things you can’t take back.
Time travels on a one-way track
And once you’ve spoken words that sting
You cannot make that bell unring.
Better just to bite your tongue
And recognize your thoughts are young:
When they grow up, they may mature.
The point is, now, you can’t be sure,
So don’t give voice to words you’ll hate
To say you said, once it’s too late.


Twinkle. Twinkle! Little star,
I know exactly what you are.
You’re obstinate! But so am I,
So twinkle, or please leave the sky.
A winkless star’s no heart’s delight.
Don’t test me: I can wait all night.

Know what really chaps my ass?
Recalcitrance in balls of gas
Whose cosmic arrogance is such
That, “I don’t think I’ll twinkle much”
Is their idea of how to shine.
Go glow your own sky. Twinkle mine!

The Slow Wink Of One Eye

It’s ten minutes after the time that it was
When I started to wonder, How long till I’m ten
Minutes into the world I’m craving because
I can’t wait any longer for life to begin?

It seems, looking back, that it’s been a lot longer
Than ten little minutes, but time doesn’t lie
(Though it stretches the truth until fiction is stronger).
My whole life has been the slow wink of one eye.