I don’t want to tell you how you should be living your life
That’s up to your mother, your boyfriend, your kids or your wife
Your choices are yours, though the people in whom you confide
Have perspectives you may wish to weigh as you try to decide
The ultimate answer must always emerge from within
So, whenever you’re ready…okay, put the DVD in

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Plenty Of Tim

The tiny computer I’m writing on needs plugging in.
I hope I’ll have saved at least once when the meter says “when.”
It’s only a quick combination of keys (Ctrl + S).
Am I too darned lazy to use it? I’ll have to say ye

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Life Lesson #11

Leaving a puddle of pudding to melt
On a Colorforms playset is bad for the felt

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Not Would Not Could Not

What I write today
Would not have been written on
Any other day

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The tower of gnats in the park knows I’m here.
They’re collectively thinking about me. I fear
Angry dogs, lurking pumas, mean crows and fierce squirrels,
But nothing so much as a bug mass that swirls
In silent, oppressive, projected awareness
Of me in proximity to the cloud’s thereness.
I can’t even breathe when approaching the column
Of thoughtsome, ’cause if I inhale I might swall’em,
But also because a black nimbus of gnats
Thinking me is just creepy. I need to rent bats.

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No Tea Amo

No me toques, por favor.
I don’t feel frisky anymore.
Aunque ayer quería té,
Hoy no tengo sed.

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On A (Rock ‘n’) Roll

Training for a marathon
Has highs and lows, and often on
The self-same day: A tempo run
Can hurt like hell but still be fun,
And likewise, you can do your best
And feel unequal to the test
On Saturday; on Sunday, though,
You might be fast while feeling slow.
Today in Portland’s half I rocked–
I held my pace and never walked–
But what that means a fortnight hence?
A coach might know, but I’m too dense
So, like a kayak on a river,
I’ll just let the day deliver
What it will, and stay afloat
As best I can. I trust my boat
(And legs) to master every mile
Till I finish with a smile.
Whether (likely) slow or fast,
Two weeks from now it will have passed
To make it eighteen in row
(And counting). Why? I still don’t know.

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