Time’s rhymes



It’s possible to do your best
And still to fail the final test
Just as it’s possible to ace
The test and have to hide your face
It’s all in where you set the bar
Compared to what and who you are
That means a meter or an inch’ll
See you reach your full potential

Tall Tales

Georgie’s daddy had a tree
That got chopped down and George said he
Could not recite a lie: He’d done it!
(That’s how History has spun it.)
Donny T. in Georgie’s place’d
Have claimed the cherry tree’d been aced
By Isis-loving Mexicans
Then blamed Obama, just for grins.


My mom was barely 39
My father still just 41
Trace back time’s arrow on a line
That far to where the slanted sun
Of February warms the sand
At water’s edge on O’ahu
And what became the Ironman
Turned can’t be done to what we do