Lie Still

I am a statue.
Don’t panic, though, should I move:
I also tell lies.


Bear Necessities

Corn meal and jerky and coffee in sacks
That are strapped to a sled or on animals’ backs,
Some flints to make fire, a fang-club, and gold…
I think I’m all set! (Note: This pack list is old.)


The artery inside my head–
Okay, in front–
Let go and bled
And suddenly the pants I wore
Were less not red
Than just before.
I’m sometimes blind to my own needs
But one is not
A nose that bleeds.
I never thought the day I’d see
When I might miss
But blotting bloodstains from my clothes
Is getting old
So I suppose
A little moisture in the air
To stanch the flow
Is only fair.
I know this may be T.M.I.
But that’s– uh-oh.
My trousers!