Elvis Presley passed away
Four decades before yesterday,
Supposedly while on the toilet.
My big day — he had to spoil it!
I’ve been driving legally
Since Elvis scratched his own E.P.
But no one came to interview
Yours truly, thanks to you-know-who!
Don’t get me wrong. I mean, I miss him.
My intent is not to diss him
Or to cast aspersions on
The late King (if he’s really gone),
But I’d just aced my road exam,
Stood up to take a bow, and bam!
The news from Memphis sucked the air
From my balloon. It wasn’t fair!
The antidote to my regret
Is, unlike most, I won’t forget
The date on which I took the wheel
Of Honda’s finest Civic steel
(And Elvis entered Music Heaven):

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Sorry, Charlotte

A spider slipped inside my collar,
Tasted flesh and made me holler,
Then descended from my shirt
Into my underpants. That hurt.
“Be Nice To Spiders!” That’s my rule,
But when my junk’s spelunked — not cool.
I may have been a wee bit rough
In giving it the bum’s rush. Tough.

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Hey, GOP, explain to me
Why you’re supporting DJT?
It does your Grand Old Party harm
When someone has to twist his arm
To force the president to say
He’s sad about the KKK,
And only when he’s in a box he
Then pretend-condemns a Nazi.
Rule of thumb: If keeping mum
Empowers hate, it’s not just dumb,
It makes you part and parcel of
The push precipitating shove.
Raise your voice!  Remaining tacet’s
Tantamount to praising fascists
Like the one who wears your (R)
Inside our White House. When? How far?
For goodness’ sake, what will it take
To shake Republicans awake
To meet this evil? If you claim
To love this land, defend its name!
Or hold your tongues and share the blame.

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It’s Come To Shove

Silence is golden
Unless it empowers hate
Then it’s cowardice

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Left Coast Problems

It’s easy to forget but there
Can be a lot of wetness where
The sun escapes the summer sky
(We’re driving up the coast is why)

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Egregious display:
“Bigotry…on many sides.”
There is just one side.

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The Place To Be

On a northbound bus
On a bright, hot afternoon
On the right-hand side

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