Taper Week

I’m eating right
I’m sleeping well
I’m healthy
(Far as I can tell)

The weather forecast
Calls for cool
But that’s a crapshoot
As a rule

The only thing
I haven’t done
Is pre-excused
A sub-par run

Will all the work
Pay off? We’ll see
But if it doesn’t
That’s on me

I Can Hear You

I run with headphones. It’s my way
Of muting what my muscles say
When what I’m asking them to do
They’d rather not continue to.
It doesn’t make me deaf: I hear
Those cars approaching from the rear
Or just around the bend ahead;
I hear the X-ing of the Ped
Who’s overtaking me, and I
Am not surprised when bikes go by.
Quite honestly, it baffles me
When people say I’ll never see
The train that hits me if I’m in
My headphone bubble. Nonsense! When
I’m running, I’m hyper-aware
Of my surroundings. I don’t care
If you’re a pup with velvet paws,
I’ll hear you stalking me because
I just assume that you’re distracted
Or, what’s worse, that you’re attracted
To my stylin’ running togs
(‘Cause “stink” equates to “great” for dogs),
Which means it’s up to me to keep
Us both upright and safe. Your Jeep
With SatNav, Bluetooth, dashboard phone
And A-C makes you more alone
In your world than I am in mine.
Don’t sweat my headphones. I’ll be fine.

All The Difference

Two roads diverge in a narrow wood.
Whichever one you choose, you’re good.
Go left, go right, you might as well
Just flip a coin: They’re parallel
And equidistant end to end
Without a falling wall to mend
Between them, lacking room to stack
A stone that stays behind turned back,
Elf-spell or no. Still, when I went
I could not be indifferent
But pondered long which track to try.
It mattered, though I don’t know why.

Athlete Of The Century

Here’s to Fanny Blankers-Koen
Who proved what people should have known
Before her golds in ’48,
That married moms can still be great
At all the things they’ve always been
Outstanding at! The will to win
Is not a jot eliminated
Just by having procreated.
If it’s true that what’s not fatal
Makes you stronger, to create a
Little human in your womb
Should obviously help you zoom
If zooming’s what you did before
(And you still choose to anymore).
That’s not a crazy thought today
In part because of FBK
And everything she did to prove it.
Pick your fanny up and move it,
Moms, if you’re a bit like mine!
En Fanny zou trots op je zijn.

Stepping Up

The pollen count was high today
But thanks to me it’s all okay
‘Cause I forgot to not inhale
When I went out to get the mail
And now the count is down to one:
Its name is Me. When’s springtime done?