Sleeves Rolled / Knuckles Cracked

Opportunities await
For those who act! It’s not too late
To stamp RESOLVED on this year’s set
Of resolutions. Finished yet?
I’m not, and though the time is fleeting
And the sheep of sleep are bleating,
Summoning the year to rest,
I’m not prepared to tank the test
Or take the Incomplete. There’s time!
I’ll grant, there’s not a lot, but I’m
Determined not to waste a minute
More before I fin- begin it:
Fifty weeks (and change) have passed,
But now I’m focusing at last!
I’ll end December with a win!
Now, what did I resolve, again?

Ready To Rumble

That sense of having too much stuff’s
Relieved by formal fisticuffs
So grab your gloves and stand up tall
To bash away the Bacchanal!
Ticked every wishbox on your list?
Then drop your guard and kiss the fist
Of one equally fortunate,
But try to give as well as get
That they may belt their guilt away
Beside you. Happy Boxing Day!

Holiday Letter 2017

An Oregon Christmas has rain, as you know,
And it’s frequently cold – there may even be snow
In the valleys, and certainly up on Mt. Hood
Or near Bend. Have you been for visit? You should.

Our wildfire season has pretty much passed
And although there are fewer trees this year than last
We still harvested one left unravaged by flame.
It’s cruel, but Yule tradition’s to blame.

Though the weather in Salem has been a bit better
This month than expected, you’ll still need a sweater
And gloves if you venture outside for a walk,
And each sentence condenses to fog when you talk.

What mist-ical subjects might such chats address?
Well, perhaps that brief blackout in August – just less
Than two minutes of total eclipse, here – might merit
A mention. It drew a whole crew here to share it!

Kari climbed back on the stage once again
Back in March, in a show Michael also was in.
It was called Emma’s Child, by playwright K. Thatcher,
And Kari was great! Michael just had to match her.

Oh, here’s a good query: Ask, “How’s the new place?”
Both Iain and Siri have found a new space
In which each can accumulate laundry and art
While they wait for their next great adventures to start.

Iain’s Canoga Park pad’s all his own
And he’s loving the freedom of living alone
For the first time, recording his podcast, Cage Match,
Which is hard to explain, but it’s one you should catch.

Siri decided L.A. was less fun
Than she’d hoped – too expensive, no good place to run,
Not much gainful employment – so she and her beau,
Writer/Jokester Josh Kahn, left for San Diego.

By this time next year there’s a chance we’ll have seen
Some big Collins Clan plans have borne fruit in ’18 –
July’s Collins Cup races in Roth, Germany,
For example, or Kona? We’ll just have to see.

There’s one thing that’s certain: We’re thinking of you!
May all of your holiday wishes come true
And may you and your loved ones stay happy and hearty.
And if you’re in Oregon, visit! We’ll party!