Monday For Effort

Mondays are God’s way
Of saying, “You did your best.
Now, try it again.”


In Sink

Water’s attracted to water because,
Well, who wouldn’t be, knowing the things that it does,
Such as loosen the sad slabs of salt that form tears,
And ensure that we don’t need a fork to “drink” beers?
Hydrogen atoms like oxygen fine,
But the same way an oenophile’s faithful to wine
In the general sense but less so to just one,
Sometimes hydrogens find other elements fun
For a fling, such as Na and C. Wouldn’t you
Find them hard to resist if three O’s were there, too?
When two hydrogens chance on an oxygen mate,
Though, it’s rare that they’ll ditch it for some other date
Because molecules made up of H’s and O’s
Share a bond that surpasses most others. Suppose
You had two favorite friends with whom you liked to play.
Would you dump them like chumps if your crush glanced your way?
Well, yes, probably. But when the dalliance died,
Care to guess which two friends would be there by your side?
If they’re faithful as hydrogen (and you’re an O)
You can bet you’d be wet ’cause they won’t let you go
Despite all your shenanigans. Water’s the best!
(If you’re water, that is, and to heck with the rest!)
For hydros and oxygens, water comes first.
It’s not hunger, exactly, but more like a thirst
For that bond elemental, eternity’s link
Between souls– Shoot. My soulmate just drained out the sink.