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Fully Dissed Closure

There’s absolutely nothing left to do. Two thousand thirteen’s over. Done. Finis. I’m satisfied, completely. How ’bout you? Are you as satisfactorized as me? Does your year’s score have chords left unresolved? Plot threads unknotted? Crunchy bits unchewed? Will you … Continue reading

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Follow Me!

I’m going nowhere! Follow me! I’m racing straight around this tree And back again to plant my bones Right here amongst the roots and stones. Come with me, quick! We’re here! We’re there! Don’t hurry: There’s no time to spare … Continue reading

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Nice Try

December 29th? Yeah, right. You almost had me, there! I might Have fallen for it if you’d said November, but you went instead For something so absurdly wrong You can’t have hoped to fool me long. December 29th? That’s cute. … Continue reading

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Fun Fact

I used to think donkeys were devils. They’re not. I mean…what was the question? I guess I forgot.

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A Good Example

Despite the mortal danger, there’s A place for teaching grizzly bears Humility. If that’s your calling, Bear in mind that savage mauling Often leads to loss of face, So that’s a win in any case.

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Bach Sing Day

Awake, the voice is calling us: “Weep, lament, fear, hesitate, The Oratorio is done!” Ich hätte viel Bekümmernis… We slept right through? Oh, great. No, wait– Coffee Cantata’s just begun!

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For Christ’s Sake

Christmas morning tots Not allowed to leave their rooms Because of Jesus

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