Fully Dissed Closure

There’s absolutely nothing left to do.
Two thousand thirteen’s over. Done. Finis.
I’m satisfied, completely. How ’bout you?
Are you as satisfactorized as me?
Does your year’s score have chords left unresolved?
Plot threads unknotted? Crunchy bits unchewed?
Will you regret not being more involved
When looking back from ’14? Dude, you’re screwed.
It’s too late now. What’s done is done. Move on.
Regret’s a waste of energy. Let go.
Dress up the past like guests at Comic-Con
And act as if it’s someone you don’t know.
The future’s where it’s at! And now it’s here!
Don’t screw it up. Or, do. It’s just a year.

Follow Me!

I’m going nowhere! Follow me!
I’m racing straight around this tree
And back again to plant my bones
Right here amongst the roots and stones.

Come with me, quick! We’re here! We’re there!
Don’t hurry: There’s no time to spare
But starting at the finish means
We skip the awkward in-betweens.

There’s Noplace–where I’d rather be–
But here with you’s okay with me
If you don’t mind my company
Beside you underneath this tree.

I’d like to learn to take it slow,
Enjoy the journey as I go,
But knowing that my destination’s
Home screws up my best vacations.

Hold my hand, we’ll fly together
Down here underneath the weather
Plunging toward infinity,
This stationary tree and we.

Nice Try

December 29th? Yeah, right.
You almost had me, there! I might
Have fallen for it if you’d said
November, but you went instead
For something so absurdly wrong
You can’t have hoped to fool me long.
December 29th? That’s cute.
It’s barely Thanksgiv–
Oh, shoot.

Fair Warning

The spines on my forehead and nose stand up straight
When I’m startled, or frightened by something I ate
Or woke up in, but mostly you won’t know they’re there,
Like a worm in an apple or mice in a bear.
The reason I’m telling you this is in case
You seduce me and wind up with pricks on your face
From protrusions that sprang forth from north of my smile.
Embarrassing, yes, but it’s been a wee while.