Happy New Year!

Two thousand twelve has passed, and these
Apocalyptic fantasies
We stressed about (or counted on)
Have come to naught. The year has gone
The way so many others years
Have gone before, and it appears
Two thousand thirteen will arrive
On schedule, and we’ll all survive
At least another year or so
Before the Earth decides to blow
Itself to bits; a smithereen
Will carry us through oh-thirteen
And next December, if we wish,
We’ll bake another Doomsday dish
And kiss humanity good-bye.
‘Til then, who’s disappointed? I
Can take another solar spin
Before I go, can’t you? ‘Cause when
The planet’s number’s really up
I hope I will have raised the cup
On high with those I love to toast–
The people whom I love the most–
And all together we’ll ascend
The Golden Stair to greet the end
As one big happy family.
Won’t that be nice? Who’s drunk? Not me!

Like Flowers And Teeth

You know how those people we call Tight Type A
Say you can’t ignore problems–they won’t go away?
That scrapes get infected, that quandaries deepen
And small tasks grow tall while you’re stallin’ and sleepin’?
For weeks, now, I’ve meant to compose and post here
A long poem in which I recap the past year
But I can’t seem to make myself sit down and start
‘Cause it’s difficult writing a verse from the heart
And so many things happened this year that I can’t
Find a way to recount them that won’t be a rant
Or a long laundry list of what seemed at the time
Quite important, but shortened to fit with the rhyme
Just sounds selfish, pedestrian, boring or sad;
If that’s in your batter, your flapjacks are bad.
So, here we are: 364 bites
Of this leap year-sized apple consumed, and two nights
‘Til the New Year is here and I’ve left it too late
For the retro perspective to work, so– hey, wait!
Come this Tuesday, my Year In Review piece will shrink
To just under one day’s worth of recap, a blink
Of the eye set beside the great mass I face now!
Can delay ever save the day? Yes! And that’s how.