Are We Done Here?

I didn’t do it! If I had,
However, would it be that bad?
Not that I did it. As I said,
I didn’t. That’s not why I fled
When I was first accused. I thought
You’d think I’d done a thing I’d not,
Which, if I had, would be okay;
I didn’t do it, anyway.
It’s not a crime to shriek and flee!
But as for that? It wasn’t me.

A Handsome Bird

Place your palm down flat, and trace:
Your fingers make the tail; the face
Is somewhere out there on your thumb.
It doesn’t matter where you’re from,
If you’re an introvert or perky,
That’s the way you make a turkey.
Right-handers point turkeys east;
Left-handers make a westward beast
(Assuming up is always north),
But everybody summons forth
The mascot of Thanksgiving Day
On paper the exact same way.
It’s afterward that there emerge
Distinctions: Those who feel the urge
Are free to decorate each feather
Differently, or all together.
Some use yarn with glitter glue,
Some add a googly eye or two.
I’ve seen folks drape a scarlet wattle
On their turkey’s beaks; a lot’ll
Draw some bony legs and feet.
Some mix it up, while some repeat
The same design from year to year.
It’s all okay! What matters here
Is we accept and understand
They all start with an open hand.