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X’s, O’s and Z’s

Football season! Hallelujah! Fans exclaiming Bam! and Boo-yah! Student jocks who play for free Enrich their university, And even if I couldn’t care Much less who wins or who’s from where, Each Saturday I find a flannel Blanket, flip the … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Me, Babe

The turtle on the telephone Keeps calling. Won’t leave me alone. He doesn’t speak–I think it’s he; The voice I don’t hear’s deep for she— But when I scream, “Who is this? WHO?!?” He does that thing that turtles do … Continue reading

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That’s What Friends Are For

I’m not perfect. This I know, And friends are quick to tell me so. Lamenting imperfection’s cost However, shows that all’s not lost. The day I answer every quiz With, “As I sayeth, so it is,” Will also be the … Continue reading

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For 50 years the words I have a dream Have echoed in the voice of Dr. King, And looking at the White House it would seem That dream came true; I fear, though, no such thing. When FUD–that’s Fear, Uncertainty … Continue reading

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Eyes On The Ball

Boy, you throw things well! In that contest, you would win! …but we’re arguing.

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Honest Abe Owes Me Money

Abraham Lincoln appeared in a dream; If the dream had been mine I might know what he meant When he sang that my manparts were sweet as ice cream, But the dream was my landlord’s. He doubled my rent.

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Flu’d Poisoning

Flu-related fun’s restricted When your symptom’s self-inflicted Banish body aches and pains With medication, what remains Is certain knowledge your condition’s All your fault, and each emission’s Like a note from your intestine: Next time, wash what you’re ingestin’!

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