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3:48 a.m.

I write poetry Punctuation shouldn’t be Keeping me awake Advertisements

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Use Your Words

Haul out the battered box The cardboard reliquary With VOCAbULarY scrawled upon its side And tell me of your day As if you care

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Spenserians Need Not Apply

Five to seven rhymes in fourteen lines With two or three ideas and a “turn” Or volta–which, you’ll be chagrined to learn, Is placed at different points for different kinds– With pentametric iambs down their spines: Spot that, you’ve got … Continue reading

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At Home At The Zoo

“I’ve been to the zoo,” said Ed. The man who wrote those words is dead. He passed away at eighty-eight And drama lost another great, Inimitable voice. I’d bid Him farewell, but I think I did.

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Case In Point

History, they say, is written By the winners. That seems fair. Losers, though, write poetry. There’s lots more room for pathos there.

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Speedy Joe

I call my turtle Speedy Joe. It’s funny ’cause he’s really slow And pops amphetamines like gum. That’s comedy where I come from. Before you ask me if his name Is Joe, it’s not, but all the same, Admit it: … Continue reading

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My cat’s a natural poet With a gift for vocalizing rhyme. I’ll think, This time she’ll blow it, But she salvages it every time. I’ve importuned her, Tutor me? If I can learn it, tell me how! She tries, but … Continue reading

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