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“The madness goes on your lap”

Script Frenzy starts today! No, wait, It ends today. We’re kinda late, Again, but that’s our usual Condition, ’cause our plates are full. My daughter and I run around Until the clock is counting down The final minutes to the … Continue reading

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While We Watched the Wedding…

Peanut butter brought One more chocolate bunny to An untimely end

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Hubristic poet, wracked with angst, Yanks hair by fistfuls from his scalp And guzzles soda like a burp’ll Make him magically a more in- Genious rhyming whiz, but thanks To too much caffeine, his heart palp- Itates erratically as, purple- … Continue reading

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Thought Experiment

Here’s the premise: Dogs wear hats. Does that affect their views on cats? Would perros con sombreros still Be Sluggo to cats’ Mr. Bill? Or would les chiens dans les chapeaux Relax and let their cattacks go? The answer, I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Johnny J.

When he was a hatchling, young John Jimmy Audubon Thought painting pictures of birds was a lot of fun Practice made perfect, for which we’re all lucky Or else every bird would look just like a ducky

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Signing Off (In Self-Defense)

I’d really like to stay awake But consciousness is hard to fake When suddenly your forehead’s bleeding From the book that you’ve been reading Falling on your face again… So I give up. I’m turning in.

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Inscription in a Book Given for No Particular Reason on the 24th of April

As William Shakespeare liked to say, “When is my birthday? Yesterday? I don’t remember eating cake. When was I born, for heaven’s sake?!?” It might have been the twenty-third Of April, which would be absurd ‘Cause that’s the day he … Continue reading

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