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Wast Employ’d A Handsaw?

William Shakespeare used to have a head In which he kept his pentametric brain And nimble tongue. However, now he’s dead, His jests are much more finite. I’ll explain: Researchers focused radar on the tomb At Holy Trinity where Shakespeare … Continue reading

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Ballpark Franks

Mustard is a vegetable And hot dog buns are partly wheat. What’s greener, too, than relish? We’ll Concede the lack of “meat.” Let’s eat!

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Why So Pail?

I put a bucket on my head Each evening when I go to bed. It’s noisy and my neck is sore. It echoes every time I snore. My dreams are weird. My sleep is poor. I don’t know what the … Continue reading

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Why is it that I’m standing here? Whence came this now from yesteryear? The road on which I strode has gone; Where weeds now lounge was once a lawn. Have I the nerve to turn around? Would what I’ve lost … Continue reading

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Still Under Warranty

For eighty years I’ve had a Daddy. Lucky me! It’s just too bad he Didn’t get the word to me ‘Til nearly 1963. He’s served me well since he arrived But all the same, I’ve been deprived Of 26-odd years, … Continue reading

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Any Questions?

If nothing happens soon to change it Supplement it Rearrange it Make its status anti-quo My knowledge now is all I’ll know

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Unexpected Rain

Anti-editing: Squeezing back into the book Words the author cut

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