If That’s Important To You

If we all work hard
We’ll do slightly better than
If I take a nap



Wings attached to mammals
Are a dream as old as science
Though Pegasuses wore them best
The leathery appliance
That mice and rats acquired
In exchange for working eyes
Are slick as silk
Still, don’t drink milk
That falls from twilight skies

The Piper’s Invoice

Two Mondays in a single week
Have left me shuddering and lost.
Two Fridays, too, made it less bleak–
TG2F–but at what cost?
Tuesday will not appreciate
The slight, nor Thor glad yield his day.
Wednesday alone sloughs off the weight
Of workday stress; the rest? No way.
As now from weekend heat we cringe
Take comfort in the karmic rule:
Two Fridays in a week’s a binge,
So one warm weekend should be cool.

If Burglary Were Outlawed…

If bad guys want to get inside
Your house, they will not be denied.
Though it’s against the law to break and
Enter, indoor things are taken.
Even so, we lock our doors
And maybe get a pet that roars
When unknown folk approach the yard.
The thinking is to make it hard
To justify the extra labor
Over, say, your lazy neighbor
Who won’t fix his dead porch light
And leaves vacation mail in sight.
What’s my point? Hell, I don’t know.
I guess it’s that it goes to show
That common sense and simple laws
Are not a waste of time because
The only real alternative
Prevents bad deeds the way a sieve
Prevents spaghetti: Not at bit!
In fact, it does the opposite
By straining out the things that make
It challenging for thieves to take
What isn’t theirs (because it’s yours).
Pass simple laws! (And lock your doors.)

Fright Night

My pets are not alarmed tonight
They’ve graduated from the fright
The 4th incited every year
From all the bombs ignited here
Along our street and overhead
They’re sleeping ‘neath the flowerbed
Behind the house in soundless bliss
I miss them, but they don’t miss this