In The Path Of Totality

jostled by strangers
eating wilted lettuce
in the gloom
as the birds fall

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You have a place to live; a car;
A great career where you’ll go far;
A wide variety of friends;
A sense of where the sidewalk bends,
And where it’s cracked, and where it ends;
A fine appreciation for
Absurdity; a moral floor;
An artist’s eye (he wants it back);
A plan for when the ducks attack;
A love of running when the skies
Are lachrymose; good taste in ties;
More mismatched pairs of socks than most;
A solid recipe for toast;
A rubber chicken (okay, eight);
A funny story when you’re late;
A pencil (sometimes); whimsy; style;
A year of life for every mile
In a marathon (today);
A gift for mixing work and play;
About as many hands as feet;
An instinct for what not to eat
While vomiting; and, most of all,
That other thing I can’t recall
Right now, but, you know, that. What can
I offer, then, to such a man
To supplement the list above?
Respect, a Starbucks card, and love.

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Tweener’s Day

“Tweener”: Just the word implies
Fidelity to compromise,
A sense of neither Yang nor Yin,
But also both. Remember when
Your parents taught you how to share?
The other tiny human there
With whom you had to subdivide
Whatever loot you’d failed to hide,
That person was your Tweener, and
You theirs. You two went hand-in-hand
Because between the two of you
A pot o’ gold turned glop t’ doo.
The 8th of August every year
We celebrate our Tweeners here,
The day when everybody gets
Their second choice, with some regrets,
But no one goes home empty-handed;
Lauded, also reprimanded;
Forced to win and let to lose;
Offered one and forced to choose
To settle either now or later.
Tweener’s Day is fine! No greater.

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Proportion Control

A tiny bowl
A giant spoon
My mouth’s too full
Soup’s gone too soon

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Awefully Proud

My grown-up girl,
I’d like to say,
It seems as if
Just yesterday
The tender age
Of twenty-two
Was what the world’d
Tattooed on you.
We watched the moon
Both rise and sink,
Then Sunday’s sun
Fell on the ink
And, lo, the digits
Hadn’t changed!
(It’s possible
They’d rearranged
But who can tell
With palindromes?
It’s not like they
Were chromosomes
Which might express
A sequence change
With eyebrow hands
Or something strange
Like fingers sprouting
From your cheeks,
But overnight?
That stuff takes weeks!)
My point is,
You’re still twenty-two,
And I am still
In awe of you.

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The Blackberry Wars

The Blackberry Wars
Ten thousand pricks against one
(From the berries’ view)

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Friday Night Lightless

Friday night
The sun descends
The heat abates
The work week ends
When you were young
You’d grab a brush
And paint the town
Now, there’s no rush
The cricket choir
Finds its tune
The rising moon
You raise a glass
Cool H2O
Another weekend
Here we go

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