Bow To τ

I used to worship π, but now
My math allegiance is to τ.
This manifesto by Mike Hartl
Is the reason. It’ll startle
You if you’re an old pi-guy
Like I was, but there’s twice the pie!


Spring Floorward

Today’s the day! Or maybe it
Was yesterday? I’ve missed a bit
Between my first and seventh cup
Of coffee. When did I get up?
On Saturday I went to bed
Completely comfy, rested, fed,
But something happened overnight
And since, it’s been, well, not quite right.
There’s something I forgot to do.
I think. Or not. Was it with you?
Did we agree to meet for lunch?
Oh, wait, it’s Sunday! Was it brunch?
Or is it Sunday? I don’t know.
I have a job, but didn’t go,
I’m ninety…eighty…percent sure.
My wife says I was here with her
Between her first and seventh nap…
I hate this daylight savings crap.

Californian In The White House

When critics carped that W.
Was worst, I’d ask them, “Surely, you
Recall the horrors Tricky Dick
Inflicted on us?” In the thick
Of Donald Trump’s dominion, though,
I can’t dispute we’ve reached a low
“Unpresidented” heretofore.
Congrats, DT: You broke the floor!
The depths you’ve plumbed make Nixon’s bummers
Almost quaint…and he had plumbers!
Nixon showed a sense of shame;
I doubt The Donald feels the same.
Chagrin afflicts the self-aware.
For Trump, there’s simply no “there” there,
Like California, per Ms. Stein.
Your views may vary; this one’s mine.