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RTL Hell

Reading left-to-right’s my habit. I read rightward like a rabbit Who can read that way, and quickly. Right-to-left, I read less slickly. I’ll concede one cause may be My unfamiliarity With alphabets (or stebahpla) Where leftward words are written law, … Continue reading

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3:48 a.m.

I write poetry Punctuation shouldn’t be Keeping me awake

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Ancient epic poets rhymed (I’ve read) as a device mnemonic, Narrative synapses primed For recollection using sonic Triggers (rhythm worked as well), Which helps explain the richly-plotted Blank-verse tale I can’t now tell: It didn’t rhyme, and I forgot it.

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Posterior Motive

I’ve never written verse with quill And ink; I’d like to think I will Someday, if only as a ruse To let this dude denude a goose.

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Use Your Words

Haul out the battered box The cardboard reliquary With VOCAbULarY scrawled upon its side And tell me of your day As if you care

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I admire people who can paint, Who aren’t embarrassed when they’re asked to draw. The Muse of Visual Arts showed true restraint When gracing me: I earn less awe than, “Aww.” Likewise the vocal arts, whose patroness Gave me the … Continue reading

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That grinding, scraping sound you hear Is coming from my inner ear. Whenever I hear that alarm It means my inspiration farm Is in extremis, and the drought Of clever things to write about Has found a long term place … Continue reading

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