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Tomorrow’s Tongue

The words we know are not the only words we need to use, They’re just the ones that practice makes it likelier we’ll choose. Our language will be richer with another word or two. Create! Neologate! Tomorrow’s tongue depends on … Continue reading

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Engine Block

I’d planned a verse about my car But with the way gas prices are These days, I haven’t got the heart. Besides, the stupid thing won’t start.

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RTL Hell

Reading left-to-right’s my habit. I read rightward like a rabbit Who can read that way, and quickly. Right-to-left, I read less slickly. I’ll concede one cause may be My unfamiliarity With alphabets (or stebahpla) Where leftward words are written law, … Continue reading

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3:48 a.m.

I write poetry Punctuation shouldn’t be Keeping me awake

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Ancient epic poets rhymed (I’ve read) as a device mnemonic, Narrative synapses primed For recollection using sonic Triggers (rhythm worked as well), Which helps explain the richly-plotted Blank-verse tale I can’t now tell: It didn’t rhyme, and I forgot it.

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Posterior Motive

I’ve never written verse with quill And ink; I’d like to think I will Someday, if only as a ruse To let this dude denude a goose.

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Use Your Words

Haul out the battered box The cardboard reliquary With VOCAbULarY scrawled upon its side And tell me of your day As if you care

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