Long four-day work weeks
Are the karmic payback for
Monday holidays



I study when it’s not required;
When I have to, though, I’m tired.
Work is fun when it’s like play
But when your play’s your work, no way
(Until you’re home and off the clock,
At which point work is sure to rock).
Motivation’s key, I guess:
When “they” care more, then I care less.
It’s they that have the power, though.
I’ll do it. Will I like it? No.

Hypothetical Help Wanted

I need someone to walk my dog.
She’s cranky if she doesn’t jog
And has to hold her number two
But what’s a working man to do?
She isn’t real, but if she were,
My boss would still say No! to her.
Imaginary dogs don’t get
Enough respect. At least, not yet.