Let’s Work Two!

Monday was today
And with Wednesday’s holiday
Tomorrow’s Friday!


Checklist: Completed

I’d planned to work from home today
To keep distractions far away
And focus on one task, and, hey,
If that’s the scale, today’s a win:
One task consumed the day! But then
That task was simply logging in.


When I don’t work (e.g., this week)
My calendar begins to leak
And erstwhile “workdays” that I’d dread
In normal weeks are lost or shed.
I know it’s Tuesday now (I checked);
It’s over, though, when I’d expect
An endless, un-fun Monday first,
Not both at once, in one big burst
Of truancy. When Wednesday shows
Will I have time to gloat? Who knows?
At this accelerated rate
T.G.I.F will come too late–
T.G.Y.W.F. may
Acronymize my Saturday.
Vacation’s just one week, though. Whew!
It’s fortunate I take so few.


I study when it’s not required;
When I have to, though, I’m tired.
Work is fun when it’s like play
But when your play’s your work, no way
(Until you’re home and off the clock,
At which point work is sure to rock).
Motivation’s key, I guess:
When “they” care more, then I care less.
It’s they that have the power, though.
I’ll do it. Will I like it? No.