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Though raggled, I won’t blame the bed For that would merely arrogate The fault on its behalf; instead, I’ll sleep on it. My rage can wait. Advertisements

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A Legitimate Hypothesis

Suppositiously Unsupposititious is Supposititious

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Use Your Words

Haul out the battered box The cardboard reliquary With VOCAbULarY scrawled upon its side And tell me of your day As if you care

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Counting To Seventeen

Two, four, six, eight, ten, Twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen, Twenty, twenty-two.

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On The Tip Of Its Tongue

A what’s-it-called, you know, that flattish thing That lives inside itself, like in a tank Or caravan? The one that doesn’t sing Although it has a beak? That thing that sank Because it doesn’t swim? That wasn’t it But almost … Continue reading

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English Major Problems

I thought I had a word that wasn’t, Then I found it was. That doesn’t Usually make me mad But since it blew a verse I’d had Half-written on its nonexistence I’ll admit to some resistance To the notion that … Continue reading

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Appearing Or Occurring At Irregular Intervals

Stumbled over in an attic Rarely visited: Sporadic. Not occasional–that’s when It happens every now and then But isn’t unexpected, like Those weekends when you ride your bike. Intermittent doesn’t do it– There’s a sense of purpose to it That … Continue reading

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