Winter Storm Watch

Stocking up on food and water?
If you haven’t yet, you oughter!
Storm’s a-comin’ like to freeze
Your eyeballs off! Keep blinking, please,
And plan to spend some time indoors
Or else whose toes’re frozen? Yours!
Pink, red, purple, blue, white, black:
The spectrum of a frost attack.
Stick to shades more towards the left
Or find your frigid fists bereft
Of fresh phalanges. (What are those?
The stick-like things that pick your nose.)
Watch the weather: If your town
Is under threat, just hunker down
And let the icy danger pass.
Administrators: Cancel class!
Employers: Let folks work from home!
(Unless your office is in Nome,
Or Frostbite Falls, like Moose and Squirrel’s.)
When the all-clear flag unfurls
And it’s warmer, they’ll emerge
From hibernaculae, and purge
The buffers of the stuff they missed.

P.S. Leave flagpoles un-French-kissed.