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‘Twere Well It Were Done Quickly

It’s been a week, I know, but take a breath. Just three more days remain ’til dusty death! If you’re depressed about the mess The country’s in, take heart: It’s less Than Scotland suffered under King Macbeth! Advertisements

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Sonnet 45

My president is nothing like the sun: He’s far from bright, though shadows does he cast; If truth is beauty, he’s an ugly one; If beards be lies, he wears out razors fast. I have seen some whom I with … Continue reading

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The Question That Is

Yoda Shakespeare on the Fourth of May: “With Force, be or not be…there is no May.”

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They’re A Hawk And A Handsaw

My pets don’t believe in me. I am; they’re unconvinced it’s true. Did Shakespeare have a cat? Did he Encounter skpetsticism, too? You ask, To be, or not to be? When housepets don’t believe in you.

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Marching Orders

One ide all by itself is fine But if you’re offered two, decline.

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The Way To DST Death

Early to rise and yet still sleeping in A not-awful way, I suppose, to begin

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Thoughts Executed

Winter weather threatens leaks In unprotected frozen plumbing; Also poem-posting streaks If wi-fi fails. In case that’s coming I’ll pend this for just before The stroke of twelve tomorrow night. I may be weak, infirm and poor As Lear, yet … Continue reading

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