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Wrong Song

Both time and space exist, or mine Ignore what sages say. This heat can suck my eglantine— It’s been a long-ass day.

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Hint: An Aquatic Quadruped

Weather : Hot :: Happy : Not Weather : Hotter :: Happy : ______

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Weather’s Weird

Weather’s weird. You might have heared. It rained. It cleared. It hailed. It’s weird. Will there be snow? I can’t say no. It could be so. I hope not, though. It hurts my brain, This hail-sun-rain- Then-snow refrain. Makes plans … Continue reading

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Big Talk

Let’s not talk about the weather. Allergies? Off-limits, too. No small talk! When we’re together, Let’s be real. So…how are you?

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April In Oregon

Spring sprang today from eight to ten, At which time winter came again, Then summer shone from noon ’til four, Then briefly fall, then spring some more. Tonight they say prepare for frost. What season is it, please? I’m lost.

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Sideways Rain Check

Cold is fine, and rain is, too. I like taking walks with you No matter what the weather’s like, But sideways rain? Let’s skip the hike.

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Nine Saved

That was quite a storm! We lost power two whole days. Kept my streak up, though.

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