Degrees Of Discomfort

It’s cold outside and wet as well
This time last week was hot as Hell
Assuming Hell’s like 30 C
(The office number next to me)


The Weather For Werewolves

The moon is full, like every night,
Except that now there’s lots of light
Illuminating half the sphere
In such a way that over here
On Earth we see a bright, white disc.
You lycanthropes are now at risk
Of transformation: Stay inside,
Or ask your tasty friends to hide.

The Double C-Word

Eastern seaboard’s battened down
In case Aunt Irma comes to town
To do what Harvey did in Texas,
Still a vast disaster nexus.
Here amid the western pyre
No two towns are not on fire;
Nights are brighter than the days
As sun’s eclipsed by smoke and haze.
East gets wetter, west gets hotter.
Can’t we trade our flames for water?
Somewhere, there’s a happy mean
Where skies are blue and lawns are green
And inundate is not a word.
But man-made climate change? Absurd.