Hot Night

Poorly have I slept, and brief
The A/C brought no real relief
To upstairs bedroom sheathed in heat
I’ve sweated through my winding sheet



The artery inside my head–
Okay, in front–
Let go and bled
And suddenly the pants I wore
Were less not red
Than just before.
I’m sometimes blind to my own needs
But one is not
A nose that bleeds.
I never thought the day I’d see
When I might miss
But blotting bloodstains from my clothes
Is getting old
So I suppose
A little moisture in the air
To stanch the flow
Is only fair.
I know this may be T.M.I.
But that’s– uh-oh.
My trousers!

Not Today, Frosty

It didn’t snow again today
The rain chose not to stay away
But fell in solely liquid form
Which violates the crystal norm
That we associate with snow
And where there’s rain the snow won’t go
Which I accept. The trouble’s that
I’m stuck with this dumb magic hat.

The Only Constant

Tree limbs falling
Rivers rising
Northwest April

Sun then rain
Then wind then hail
The Weather Channel’s
Blowout Sale

If constancy’s
Your predilection
You won’t miss
This Spring confection

Okay for some
Not not for me