Clever Obama
Set the country up for Trump
So he’d take your guns


[Expletive Deleted]

The Centers for Disease Control
Can’t say who’s most vulnerable.
Don’t ask them where the fetus went;
That isn’t your entitlement.
Diversity’s not science-based
So certain words have been effaced
From budget docs for C.D.C.
Like Trump’s transgender troops would be
Except the courts said no, not yes,
An evidence-based non-success.


I have a pack of cats at home;
I wish I hadn’t got ’em.
Their dander hair is everywhere,
I’m hives from top to bottom.
I always keep my promise, though,
So what else could I do?
I said, If Donald Trump’s elected
I’ll start grabbing pussies, too!

Fit To Print

My fifteen minutes came and went
This weekend when the Fit to Print
Credential — maybe misapplied —
Was placed upon a verse that I’d
Submitted to a contest at
The Old Gray Lady. Think of that:
A published poet (more or less)!
If that’s the acme of success
For me, I’ll take it. Writing rhymes
Is how I cope with trying Times,
And there’s no cause to fear we will
Run short of raw material
As long as Casa Blanca’s where
They’re stashing Donald and his hair
Until his short attention span
Destroys us all. (I’m not a fan.)
I’m proud to take a bow (or three).
Now, back into obscurity.

“She Did It First!”

Context matters, don’t forget.
It’s clear Trump hasn’t learned that yet.
Clinton fired Bush’s crew
And Reagan sloughed off Carter’s, too.
W. let Clinton’s go…
What Trump did’s something different, though.
In language that conveyed disgust
He claimed Ms. Yates “betrayed” her trust
And called her “weak” not once but twice.
That’s false, uncalled for, and not nice.
New brooms may, as they say, sweep clean,
But how Trump dealt with Yates was mean
And spiteful. “Janet Reno did it!”
That’s how you defend him? Quit it.
Leaders–good ones–bold and strong
Do not behave that way. It’s wrong.