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And Baby Made Three

Someone born today Back in 1936 Would be 81 1936: All three multiples of three Within its digits* March is the third month 27 is three cubed (3 x 3 x 3) I need hardly say 3 x 3 x … Continue reading

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Midnight approaching, the nearly-full moon Lights the end of the seventeen-plus-hour days For the staggering swim-bike-and-runners who’ll soon Meet the haole wahine who hands out the leis.

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First To Fall

We started with the bike, as I recall– It seemed a good idea at the time– And someone in the front row took a fall Just as the gun went off. Who’s guilty? I’m. I’d just reached down to tighten … Continue reading

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Racing’s fun, and Kona’s great, But I’m not sad tomorrow’s date Is special not for crowds and cheers But for the eight-and-twenty years That I’ve been wearing this gold band On finger four of my left hand.

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That Three-Part Thing

Who remembers, now? I remember when I thought No one could forget Two point four-mile swim One hundred twelve-mile bike Then a marathon This was not a race In the sense that one could win Just by being first

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No Such Word

Forty years ago tonight Was Tuesday, if I’ve got that right, Which means we’ve traveled all this way To move ahead a single day. That Tuesday when I went to bed My chlorined hair was greenish-red; The chlorine stayed, the … Continue reading

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The Capital Cookie Kroc Monster Half-Athlon

I brought it on myself, I know. I’ve chosen to embrace it, though. It’s like a birthright, in a way, Two races in a single day. (Though only one is technically A race, per se, that’s fine with me, Since … Continue reading

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