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Tri Training

Swimming’s something fun to do I’m happy when I’m running, too It’s fun to do the things you like I’m hoping soon to love the bike Advertisements

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Swimming To The Moon

Swimming to the moon? Due west from the beach at dawn Let it come to you

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Adult Swim

I dreamed that I was standing in the pool (The shallow end, of course; I’m not that tall) And someone’s baby, there despite the rule Against non-swimmers swimming laps and all, Was hanging on the lane line. He let go … Continue reading

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I’m just a little bit behind On Rio’s games, but I don’t mind. They’re worse at work: One guy–I’m shocked–he’s Still discussing Ryan Lochte! He swam, like, a week ago! I’m poky, but I’m not that slow!

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Plus Also She Made Snacks

I learned to read and write at three Because my sister tutored me She learned to ride a bike and swim And asked the world, How ’bout him? She blazed the trail we both would tread Taught vectors from her … Continue reading

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Why I Run

When I was young I thought a run Of any distance more than none Was quite the opposite of fun, An exercise to be ignored If possible. It left me bored. What was I running from? Or toward? I recognize … Continue reading

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Beach Casual Friday

I know how to swim and I look Fancy in my trunks. However, I regret the chance I took In wearing them to work. Not clever.

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