Out Of Seasoning

There’s pumpkin spice on everything
Already? Yesterday was spring!
Pumpkin spice belongs to fall.
Just wait ’til summer’s end, is all.


Left Coast Problems

It’s easy to forget but there
Can be a lot of wetness where
The sun escapes the summer sky
(We’re driving up the coast is why)


This discontented winter’s pending
End is near. We’ll soon be spending
Well-lit evenings mowing lawns
And grousing over early dawns
And seeking shelter from the heat,
Our shorts-clad thighs stuck to the seat
Until the AC shudders on…
Ten days. That’s it. Then winter’s gone.

Getting Even

Autumnal equinoxes come along
In late September each and every year.
The timing on tomorrow’s, though, feels wrong.
We’re long past summer. Shouldn’t Fall be here?
The kids are back in school, the network shows
Are filling up my DVR again,
There’s pumpkin spice in everything, and those
Who follow baseball think the Cubs could win!
Perhaps if only one of those were true
It might could still be summer. But to say
That all of them are real–or even two
Means Hallowe’en’s at most a week away.
I won’t get mad. Instead, like day and night,
I’ll just get even. Come on, Fall, let’s fight!