I Don’t Like To Watch

I am not a prude
But my skin crawls every spring
Watching plants have sex


Stepping Up

The pollen count was high today
But thanks to me it’s all okay
‘Cause I forgot to not inhale
When I went out to get the mail
And now the count is down to one:
Its name is Me. When’s springtime done?

The Only Constant

Tree limbs falling
Rivers rising
Northwest April

Sun then rain
Then wind then hail
The Weather Channel’s
Blowout Sale

If constancy’s
Your predilection
You won’t miss
This Spring confection

Okay for some
Not not for me

Halfway There

Six more weeks of clouds and fog
Await us, says the P-Town Hog
Who’s right as often as mistaken
(Otherwise, he’s groundhog bacon).
Penumbral prognostications
May prompt some to seek vacations
On a sunny beach, but I
Don’t mind a damp and darkish sky
If, in exchange, I’m free to hide
In flannel jammies, warm inside.
Seek the sun if that’s your thing,
But I’m content to wait for spring.