Han Solo didn’t make this gig.
He’s working, though, on something big
He hopes to share with us in spring.
(Supposedly a Solo thing.)


Time Out

When you’re behind on watching stuff
Avoiding spoilers can be tough.
Right now the Cavs still have a chance, and
So do those not Evan Hansen.
Maybe I’ll just stay awake
All night or, better yet, I’ll take
A social media hiatus
‘Til I’ve caught the broadcasts. Laters!

Don’t Tell Me

Welcome, Star Wars #7!
(A.K.A. Plot Spoiler’s Heaven.)
Stay offline, avert your eyes
Unless you want a rude surprise!
Just my luck, instead of tix
I have a grown-up job, so nix
On social media for me
Till further notice. (Well, we’ll see.)