Netflix, Just Chill

Spoilers bother me, but so
Does lacking background. Not to know
The why behind what’s going down
When I’m supposed to makes me frown,
Reducing my enjoyment of
A story that I’d hoped to love.
And hence, annoyed and slightly pissed,
Defenders waits on Iron Fist.



Han Solo didn’t make this gig.
He’s working, though, on something big
He hopes to share with us in spring.
(Supposedly a Solo thing.)

Time Out

When you’re behind on watching stuff
Avoiding spoilers can be tough.
Right now the Cavs still have a chance, and
So do those not Evan Hansen.
Maybe I’ll just stay awake
All night or, better yet, I’ll take
A social media hiatus
‘Til I’ve caught the broadcasts. Laters!

Don’t Tell Me

Welcome, Star Wars #7!
(A.K.A. Plot Spoiler’s Heaven.)
Stay offline, avert your eyes
Unless you want a rude surprise!
Just my luck, instead of tix
I have a grown-up job, so nix
On social media for me
Till further notice. (Well, we’ll see.)