Orson Can’t Come To The Phone Right Now

Williams, R. and Fox, M.J.
Are both back on T.V. today.
M.J.’s set; not R., so far.
Darned nano-nano D.V.R.!


What I Write About When I’m Supposed To Be Writing About Something Else

Puppies, dogs and evil kittens
Hobo gloves compared with mittens
Hair care tips to fix your split-ends
Show co-stars of Connie Britton’s

Foods I want or need or crave
Parts that itch if I don’t shave
The definition of to blave
What the heck’s an autoclave?

Who first ate an artichoke?
What’s the second word Eve spoke?
Where did all those English folk
End up when they left Roanoke?

How to sort my DVDs
Why it’s cool to be bee’s knees
When they bait a trap with cheese
Should people taste it? Why are fleas?

Can jellyfish be broken-hearted?
Would the Buddha tell who farted?
Are there islands still uncharted?
Why’s my novel not yet started?